Visit and task 5th October Friday

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Black mirror: art as social satire at the Saatchi gallery – I met Miriam at the entrance and we were welcomed by a hilarious pair of legs holding a wrapped painting. The aim of this exhibition was to highlight, by 26 contemporary artists, how satire can give both help and also disrupting critique on the turbulent, troublesome atmosphere of advanced political issues. This visit made me decide the mood of my project 1 – satire is an interesting approach to an issue or concern and that is what i will bring up next Tuesday when we discuss the choice of our story.




Work Ready 2

We formed a group of 4 – myself, Miriam, Alessandra and Nadia and were named group number 3 for the brief that its been assigned this week. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets will be the client for this project that suggested we use the side parapet at a first floor level for an art installation\feature lighting. The installation may feature different images\writing depending on the viewers position, to allow for different navigation support and create interest.

First we decided the roles that each one of us will take and since we know each other very well we believe that our strengths combined will fulfill the project to its entirety.

Once the roles were decided we wanted to create two “teams” – Miriam and Alessandra will focus on digital and myself and Nadia on illustrative/sketchy.

The 4 of us will get to research and select our interests in order to develop an idea for a successful outcome.

We will engage with the Brick Lane area and picture a possible way to improve the navigation of the street creatively that brings to light the most important places of the area.

We will also research within the area and its current installations and give it our own twist.

Market Ready 2

Brick Lane

Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets.                                                                    Supporting documents: Brick Lane Threads, Feasibility Study.

In Brick Lane there is a parade of shops, above which run a number of Housing Association properties with balcony access.

This project suggests using the side parapet at first floor level for an art installation\feature lighting. The installation may features different images\writing depending on the viewers position, to allow for different to support navigation and create interest.




Studio ‘Y not?’ day 1

A new year starts – third and last – and I could not be more excited to know that I have got my first choice of studio – Studio Y – which has been renamed by some of the new fellow students as “studio ynot?”.

The introduction of the fist brief: Breaking news – it was what I always wanted to do and I was excited to hear this announcement as it confirmed that I made the right studio choice. We would need to explore and work on news stories, selecting a story that interests us (and explain why) from a magazine or a newspaper and reproduce (re-tell) the story into a series of illustrations, a publication, a series of posters, an installation or an event – the choice is ours.


2 Research Archives & Future Place

After researching about what could be the story of my project, I started researching about the way my project 2 could look like. I have created a queue of people, doctors, astronauts, moms, dads, kids, nuns, families, professionals, students, all kind of people.

What I wanted to show by drawing them was the importance of each of them and how they express their emotions in their uniqueness.

I took some references from a book that I bought this year.

The book is a graphic novel written and hand drawn by Jack Ramsay, SKIT CITY.


I was happy to consider this book and its style a point of reference – the internal pages are styled in black, white and grey. I will probably use grey and black as palette for my project.

My cover will look quite similar since I like the white background and a colorful bit that brings the attention to the reader and gives a quick summary on what will happen in the internal pages. Development of the cover is still in progress.



1 Research Archives & Future Place


“Stephen Hawking, the titan of cosmology who passed away at the age of 76, made his name hypothesizing about the past—all of it. However, he also had plenty to say about the future.Hawking had in recent years been convinced that humanity needs to get into space with a fair amount of urgency, because “spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves.”

In late 2016, Hawking reckoned humanity has about 1,000 years left on Earth. Half a year later, he cut that to 100 years, because of climate change, “overdue” asteroid strikes, excessive population growth, and the threat of epidemics. Oh, and nuclear or biological war.

What changed over those months to so drastically shorten humanity’s Earthbound future? Well, Donald Trump got elected as U.S. president, for one thing.

“We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action [pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement] could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and raining sulfuric acid,” Hawking said. ”

Research that I have done and summered regarding Stephen Hawking, the black hole and the climate change, are definitely the meeting point for my graphic novel.

As the illustrated video showed, it is an easy and appreciable way to examine an idea to a young audience, which it will be also for my graphic novel, I will express my idea, and be playful with that, the fun of it is to dont take ourself too seriously but express a serious idea by making it looking better and funnier than what actually it is.







3 Research Archives & Future Place

I have created the 12 stills and had a tutorial with my tutor Susanna which helped me to better address the project to Roman Road. I will need to add the characteristic arch that starts on the actual road.

In the meantime, also her suggestion, I looked at the New Yorker magazine, which I absolutely loved.

It contains beautiful illustrations on every single page and stories that could help me find inspiration even after the three academic years.

Here is a beautiful text by Megan Amram that I found interesting and related to my project.


A printed copy can be found on my sketchbook.