Future past Brief 2 Intro -Archives & Future Places

Our next brief will allow us to engage in discussion about place – past, present and future.

Collaborating with sixth form students from Mulberry UTC and with Roman Road Trust community, the new brief will demand we explore and collect material related to Bow, specifically to Roman road.

Mulberry UTC will provide us a series of kits that we, cass students, will respond by creating projections of future of imagined locations set on 100 years from now, so 2118.

The introduction was exciting and I am curious about this collaboration that we are going to start with Mulberry’s students. Looking forward to start this new challenge.

Future past Brief 2 Intro -Archives & Future Places

Brief Intro “Collection” & Workshop

We have been introduced to a new brief – we were asked to create a professional “artist/portfolio book” that would include all projects made during this year.

I’m excited because I’m going to cover a series of workshops that would definitely help me to better build the final piece and I will securely curate something I have never done before -a professional portfolio.

I see this project as one of the most challenging, as myself and tutors are aware of my lack of digital skills required.

We started considering the layout, text and image of pages and the way we would like them to be organised, so we were sent to choose a book in the library in this first workshop. Later, we were asked to draw on a grid the layout with text and images that we would like to use for our publication.

We have concluded the workshop by looking at some of the best portfolio books made by last year’s level 5 students and I’m looking forward to start this project since it would help me to change my final presentation and my complete portfolio.


Brief Intro “Collection” & Workshop

Future past Final Outcome – Pamphlet



I have previously shown the little dummy that was going to be printed in a2, once folded A5.

I was expecting some complications during the printing stage, so after a few attempts I finally managed to have every picture and text in the right place. It was also interesting the way a picture and text change depending on which paper we are using, so I have few examples. From that I was able to pick the paper that I thought was giving a nice effect to my pamphlet. I did not want my pamphlet to be too heavy (on thick paper), so I opted for recycled paper which felt good at the touch rather than sleek almost shiny cartridge.


Future past Final Outcome – Pamphlet

Future Past final outcome – Banner

As a final outcome for my banner, I decided to print it in PVC vinyl fabric in order to be easily exposed at an outside area of a school. It is a material that does not to get damaged by the weather and certainly stronger than paper.pvc-banner-product-image-600x539

I have also taken some professional pictures at uni, and thanks to that, I was able to show it at its best.

I was satisfied with the clean result of the image and the banner itself. IMG_9441

Future Past final outcome – Banner

Market Ready Workshop – Design principles – Website

Principles Balance Unity Contrast Emphasis Pattern Movement and Rhythm

In today’s workshop we started by looking at the 6 main design principles which were very interesting since we would need to create our own logo, and I was wondering about the amount of information needed before creating a professional company or product logo. A logo should work as a company’s mirror and reflect what they are sending out, the ideology and the product itself.

We talked about and looked closely at 8 of the most important and now very popular logos from Intel, Mastercard, Apple, Audi, Ebay, Huawei, IBM and Microsoft. One of the most interesting that stood out for me was the Ebay logo, which is constructed with 4 primary colors indicating the difference of objectivity selled by them.

Later, after understanding all the principles, we were asked to design a website’s home page for the visual communication department. Below is what myself and the group came out with.



Market Ready Workshop – Design principles – Website

Future Past Final Outcome – Plaque

This project in particular was slightly difficult to bring forward since the outcomes and styles available were unlimited. The Idea that I had at the very beginning was to use some fabric rather than plywood or perspex, simply because the picture itself, with the two characters sleeping, was going to feel more appropriate in a stamped material to resemble the linen, or pillow fabric.

Of course that was not an easy fabric to use so I had to reconsider the plywood, which the outcome was not as bad as I thought, and the perspex gave a nice effect but still not what I was looking for. Here are some examples and the final on fabric which I framed afterwards.


Future Past Final Outcome – Plaque

Future past Kids Book researches

After having some positive feedback from my tutor, I was happy that the path I was taking for my project was considered positively. As I wrote previously in another post, I strongly believe in the education coming and starting from schools. Schools should enforce the understanding of equality between men and women, boy and girl. I believe that as our education comes also from our parents ideology, that could sometimes be incorrect or totally wrong, schools should prevent that and give a full education on why girls and boys need to be equal in today’s world. With this idea, I was happy to create a non violent or invasive visual language, proper for kids that could be supported by schools and their institutions. A plaque, a pamphlet and a banner that would encourage today’ kids having an open mind and hopefully getting intrigued by the visual language I used.

“children’s books also have a serious cultural responsibility — they capture young minds and plant in them the seeds that blossom into beliefs about what is socially acceptable, what is right and wrong, and what is possible. This weight of possibility is both a blessing and a burden, given the terrible track record children’s books have of celebrating diversity — both ethnically and in terms of gender norms. Only 31 percent of children’s books feature female heroines, and even those consistently purvey limiting gender expectations; of the 3,200 children’s books published in 2013, a mere 93 were about black people. The ones that fully embrace cultural diversity or empower girls are few and far between, to say nothing of those rare specimens that get girls excited about science”…

…”Four years after the historic moon landing, as the world was falling in love with space exploration, the education arm of the Xerox Corporation published Blast Off(public library) — an extraordinarily imaginative little book by two women writers, Linda C. Cain and Susan Rosenbaum, illustrated by the legendary duo Leo and Diane Dillon, best-known for illustrating the most popular edition of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.

and also,

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

Written by Debbie Levy | Illustrated by Elizabeth Baddeley

…”Ruth Bader grew up during the 1940s in Brooklyn, New York’s multicultural neighborhood. It was a time when boys were educated for jobs and bright futures while girls were expected to marry and raise children. Ruth’s mother, Celia Amster Bader, however, “thought girls should also have the chance to make their mark on the world.” She introduced Ruth to books in which she discovered women who used their strength, courage, and intelligence to do big things”…

And the last example of many would be of course the extraordinary book” Good Night stories for rebels girls” which of course I have bought 🙂 https://youtu.be/b2BhCPTp7Oo


Future past Kids Book researches