2 Development Archives & Future places

I wanted to respond to this brief by creating an advertisement poster that recalls to my project number 2.  Project 2 consists of how I see the world in 100 years, so based on some research about Stephen Hawking, the SpaceX company and a pinch of creativity, I wanted to represent people queuing, which could be in any part of the world, getting ready for the “Great Journey”.

The “Great Journey”, as I called it, would be the day that we would go to space to find a new life. As declared by physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, that passed away this year, “warns Earth could become as hot as Venus if we do not cut greenhouse gas emissions, a significant driver of climate change.”

“This is what happens when greenhouse gases are out of control,” Hawking said, implying that our own planet could also meet the same fiery fate.

I recreated a poster that could be possibly placed in any part of the city – inside stations, streets and buildings. It represents an individual human being holding a torch in the research of space, so the space has been designed as I imagined it and a stylistic city is designed as a future will of creating a sustainable life on space that would look as any road, in this case,  Roman road in London.

finish poster fp41111111111111111



1 Development Archives & Future Place

My second project of my studio was my first attempt to work digitally. Unfortunately it took me many weeks to “almost complete” and I was not very happy with how it looked when finished. I did some further research on how to change a few things and chose to start a new project that represented me more than the previous one.

It was a relief to have those Easter break holidays with them, I decided to work on something new – new message, new type of illustration and put in there what really represents me, hand drawing.

Now, I’m very happy with the results, and I believe the lesson from it is to keep learning what we want to improve, but concentrate on what we we do best for developing a final outcome.

From this project:



To the new project:RR2

3 Outcome Archives & Future Place

I wanted to show how the back cover, front cover and two of the internal pages from my graphic novel were going to look.

These are some mock ups, which show a thicker landscape A5 book.

I will show in my next post the final and original piece, which will be printed in 6 Brochures, 16 sides (4 additional sides for the cover), size A5 landscape, on silk paper, digitally printed and in colour throughout. The binding: saddle stitched, Cover: 170, Silk paper, In colour on the outside and colour inside. Coating (outside): Matt lamination.


Mockups DesignMockups Design

4 Outcome Archives & Future Place

I finally received my printed books from Youloveprint company – one is for creative industry practice module and the other one is “The Great Journey”.

I’m very happy with the results and I think printing it in A5 was a good choice, I like the way it looks in real life.

Below are some pictures that I have taken as soon as the book arrived:


immagine book openmano book 1

2 Development Visual Proposal

The illustration that I have made is my project 2 illustration but I have modified by changing the format, the perspective and composition.

I needed to change the format so the size of my illustration would fit easily on real billboards and real places, so I chose a big poster format which could be bigger than an A0:

PROJ 3 romanroad trust

The people are less than on the previous project (2) and they could not simply fit all together and I was not going to be able to create a fluid queue if I was not going to pick the rights characters. It took me a while to choose which characters to keep and discard but this is, for me at least, a good way of representing something on a previously long format into something more suitable for my Visual proposal project.

1 Development Visual Proposal

From the video that I have made before attending Project mapping workshop, which you can find on this link on youtube, I decided to work on different pictures rather than using only a video. And also, I created a new Visual Proposal poster for my project.

I liked taking pictures around London and in Roman Road looking for where to place my illustration.

Later you will be able to see the different types of places that thanks to Photoshop and my new skills, I was able to play around with photography and illustrations.


4 Research Projection mapping Visual Proposal


The projection mapping workshop helped us to see a new way of interacting with animation and still images. I have never experimented this method before so trying it for the first time was actually very interesting.

I would definitely keep it under consideration for future projects as I started liking animation and maybe that would be an excuse for me to develop new skills.