Screen Printing “Folding zine” 3

After creating several copies, we had enough Zines to try and turn one of them into the shape that would give the display each one of us desired.

Trials were made, and I finally found the most original way of strangely folding it and place it in my sketchbook!

This is my final Zine with the display and folding technique I chose.


screen printing session 2

Today was experimentation day.
One by one, we remembered all the steps to take in order to create our own Zine.
We started by matching two or three colours, even four, and while we were waiting for our newly made artworks to dry, we planned how we were going to fold them to create our personalised Zine. With endless possibilities, this process took a considerable amount of time, but in my opinion, it was definetely worth the effort.

Screen Printing session 1

I heard alot about this technique and I was excited but also a bit afraid of what to expect from this session.

The project consisted into making a zine using one of our drawings made during the christmas holidays, so we formed a group of 7 people and each of us had a drawing to use and play with.

We photocopied the A3 sheet which included all of our 7 drawings and we started playing with that. The amount of possibilities are endless so we had alot of fun during this session.