Microsoft Surface Project

After researching for some inspiration, I ended up following my tutor Ricardo suggestion.

Microsoft could be seen as source of inspiration on every day issues as a young girl student that finds a solution for her projects by unpacking a box containing a Microsoft product;  that could be a tablet, a computer, the item is left unveil. Enjoy!


Project 3 Manifesto (5)

While I was working on this project I noticed that I was following a pattern. Starting with DIY cutting cards, a hand lettering slogan right after, but I decided I wanted to change it up a bit and go full digital on my final slogan.

  • “Frame your work”

It’s really exciting (and frustrating at the same time) to realise that even the simplest looking logos or artworks take so much time to develop. It was great for me to challenge myself and try something different, something I am not comfortable with.

After much trial and error, I managed to choose a slogan I was happy with:


Final choice: How a little adjustment can change everything 🙂

edited final frame

Project 3 Manifesto (4)

  • Why not ask questions?

This has been one of the scariest thoughts I had when I started university.

Now I want to say that out loud.

Myself and some of my colleagues know how intimidating it is being in a class with total strangers after so many years away from any sort of school. “It doesn’t matter if you end up asking a question one, two, even three times as long as you ask it and you don’t keep it for yourself”. I dedicated a lot of time in this manifesto, and I found so many ways of working with type with this sentence and below are few examples.
why not ask questions - (1)FACE why not ask questionsUntitled design ASK QUESTIONS Final (1)

Project 3 manifesto (3)

I’m going to dedicate one blog post for each following manifesto project.

I have been thinking recently about what topic my manifestos should approach and since it is extremely personal in an artistic and academic way, maybe they can be considered as some good guidelines and inspiration for new students.

I have done a few experiments on my sketchbook and what I will publish in the following days are the almost finished final projects in their specific order.

Let’s start with the one I have enjoyed the most while I was creating it:


Elisa's Notebook pinkgreen poster cover

(Be proud of your capacities. Every single page of your sketchbook is worth showing to others and that is when the best part arrives: other people’s opinions)

SHOW your work / U ROCK

As soon as I print it I will become the cover and give this “double meaning” to my manifesto.


Project 3 Manifesto (2)

After a great session I had found a way of how to use my sentences and started thinking about how to design and frame them. We started with some theory and then we were asked to do some experimental work which turned out to be a lot of fun!


I will base my research on hand lettering on “Hand job; A Catalog of Type ” by Michael Perry, since it has been a great source of inspiration.



Project 3 Manifesto (1)

We had to design 3 A2 placards that would work with the manifesto text we wrote at the beginning of the year. I found it really exciting (not only because it’s the last brief but also because I became pretty confident with this assessment) and it was a great way for me to finally practice some hand lettering and improve a bit my digital skills.

We started reviewing the anatomy of type in order to think and write down 12 sentences, and out of those, we were going to choose 3 and elaborate its text and space.

So let’s have a look at my old and depressing manifesto written at the first month of class.

(November 2016)

manifesto red lines1

The 3 sentences I chose to perfect were the following:

“Repeat yourself”

“Frame your work”

“Show it”