Project 2 Sound, set & action (5)

Easter Holiday. Perfect time for me to get all my projects done before the end of this amazing (and not yet finished) first year of uni.

After researching a lot for real and serious intentions of getting a good stop motion video, I can say that I have finally made one (I’m very happy of the results!) and even though I know I won’t be the best in a digital platform neither I’m not looking to become one of the best. I know what is my potential and I can only adjust and perfect it in a personal way and listen to other people’s opinion.

This project really put me down. I could not translate my ideas into reality and it drove me crazy. But that’s why we are at uni right? Sometimes we forget that this is not a competition with ourselves and I committed that mistake.

It is just a 30 seconds video, and following the limits we had to consider I can finally say I’m satisfied with the results.

This is what a big research, technical improvements and patience can do (and forcing my boyfriend to do sounds and voices was actually fun).

Video 4 out of 4




Project 2 Sound, set & action (4)

This is definitely the most difficult project I never came across.

Back at square one, I found myself looking for another idea and completely in panic.

The toilet paper was not appropriate for painting at all.

I wanted to keep the idea of the little cutted cards moving around the scene so I changed it, by using posts its and typography. After a critical day at uni I decided it was time to change completely (again) and move forward with something new.

Never adjust experiments, create something new.

This video below is what I brought to the table.

A project that reflects my weakness and lack of digital work and editing.

I still have some easter holidays left and I’m sure I can get something that reflects my personality better and I will find a way out!


Project 2 Sound, set & action (3)

I started organizing my thoughts, choosing the materials,  the narrative and the sounds.

At first it seemed impossible and now I found myself struggling to find a “great” idea looking at the ceiling and it was bringing me nowhere. After many breaks (way too many), I ended up finding inspiration looking at simple object/material found around me.

Toilet paper, (yeah, I was in the loo when I had the idea) maybe that could be an “original” way of creating my first stop motion movie?

I know how difficult it is to prove yourself when you don’t have basic skills and knowledge in a specific field like digital platforms but I needed to translate my ideas faster!

Here is the first trial.

Badly Drawn Boy – ‘Once Around The Block’


Video N 1out of 4.


Project 1 The Petticoat Reporter (3)

My interest sparked with the possibilities of matching colours throughout this project. The goal was to create a concertina book – can’t seem to get away from choosing the hardest option – since I had already made two zines during this year and wanted to try something new.

After a few colour matches, I chose blue and red since when overlapped, they created a beautiful dark purple with a great effect.

The story needed to be simple and completely visual, which worked pretty well for me since I have called east london my home for the past 5 years.


A simple path, that looked like a mini printed version of google maps, a straight line to follow that would bring you to the most interesting points on that area.


I also used typography (Rockwell type), which I felt represented and would give the project its “East London look”.

Photography session 1

Coming back from Christmas holiday and jumping into a photography induction was an absolute surprise for me. Honestly, I never got introduced to photography or never had the chance to discover it.

But one thing really interested me is the analog camera and its process.

Could it always have been maybe an hidden passion? I found it interesting because i think I can combine analog photography and illustration and create amazing pieces (maybe screen printing too?) It really intrigued me.

So, we had an introduction on digital and analog photography and its components and  went through all the steps that required the development of analog pictures and photograms. Here are some examples:


Of course before the laboratory inductions and the actual work we went through incredible amount of theory, ISO, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, Aperture and much much more. I got fascinated about getting closer to the analog world and I  bought my first analog camera.

Very proud about it and looking forward to expand my cognitive horizons.

100 projects


University is a lot of fun, pressure is always present of course, but it is a likeable pressure, the kind that makes you feel active and productive.

The activity of the day was quite surprising: we needed to draw 100 tasks that our tutor was reading one at the time and complete each one in more or less 2 minutes.

It was funny at first, but the tasks were starting to become more and more complicated, and near the end these tasks turned instictive, with little thought put in but instead soul and instinct.

Be patient, free your mind and be creative without thinking too much if it is correct or even good. Just follow your instincts. Something we don’t get to do that often!