Project 1 The Petticoat reporter (4)

Since last time, I realized that I ended up giving two different prespectives to my book. Anyone looking at it was able to move from a point to another, reading “Aldgate East” on one and see continuous pictures on another. Hopefully (I thought to myself) in the end, it will make more sense than it did then.

I wanted this book to be as visual as possible, so I created a story.

A little blue character walking through East London on a simple line, discovering the old and new misteries that make East London the most interesting area of the city.

The map would look like the one below:pic 6

Once I had the map as a first picture, the book would start a game of words with these places of the East – the Old Petticoat Lane Market then and now, London Fields years past and now with Broadway Market giving it movement and life.


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