Project 1 The Petticoat Reporter 1

Angharad’s Visual Research Methods presentation:



In this session we were explained how to apply visual research methods to projects and in particular to the next coming  Petticoat Lane Project.

Visual Research is important not only to designers and illustrators  but also to people working in many other different fields. We all know the first step of a project is research.

Research is our first tool and the three types are as follows:

Primary research consists of material that you create like interviews, information capture, observational sketching, film and notes.

Secondary research: existing material recorded by others like historical studies.

Tertiary research: (academic)

3 videos related to our project were shown:

The first is Patternity – Pattern research and design. It explores the positive power that pattern has to drive curiosity, collaboration and a deeper connection to each other.

I found the following video extremely interesting: “Carlin Brown – Research in digital culture/Unbinding the Book Project.

The Unbinding  Book of Carlin Brown was an amazing project. It’s about breaking the expectations of how a book should look like today.  At the jotta studio, 9 artists are defining books in their own way, like Carlin brown explains: she wanted to “translate her personal experiences online into a book form”.

Third and last: A Practice For Everyday Life – Designers making a product inspired by their local neighbourhood.

Emma and Kirsty of APFEL introduce their Pellicci local cafe tray design for Up Side Up website that gives graphic designer the opportunity to convert ideas into objects.


So why not to start researching about our local area?  The project consists in finding a narrative based in our beautiful area, East London.

It could be anything from a fact or story, anything that always interested us or something new to our eyes and that we could develop into a visual narrative by creating a publication.

We went for a walk around Petticoat lane Market and its streets and took pictures around us. It’s surprising how much we don’t feel and see when you don’t pay attention. While walking through the area, most of us walk through cities in a state of disengagement, the floor or the other people’s shoes are probably the only perspectives we focus our eyes on. It  is sad to discover how many details vanish behind our steps. The spicy smell of indian food, the immensive  colorful vests shop in every corner … Not so far from the busiest office area of liverpool street, Aldgate east is a little corner made of different cultures, tiny streets and bakeries ready to welcome bankers and pubs with a blue collar worker having a pint or two.


Project 1 The Petticoat Reporter 1

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