Photography session 1

Coming back from Christmas holiday and jumping into a photography induction was an absolute surprise for me. Honestly, I never got introduced to photography or never had the chance to discover it.

But one thing really interested me is the analog camera and its process.

Could it always have been maybe an hidden passion? I found it interesting because i think I can combine analog photography and illustration and create amazing pieces (maybe screen printing too?) It really intrigued me.

So, we had an introduction on digital and analog photography and its components and  went through all the steps that required the development of analog pictures and photograms. Here are some examples:


Of course before the laboratory inductions and the actual work we went through incredible amount of theory, ISO, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, Aperture and much much more. I got fascinated about getting closer to the analog world and I  bought my first analog camera.

Very proud about it and looking forward to expand my cognitive horizons.

Photography session 1

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