Holiday task



Homework, what a fantastic word.

I remember when I hated school and with it, the enormous amount of homework to be done during holidays turning them into chore days instead of well deserved rest.

This time was different. After more than 5 years I felt I had a mission, a creative mission. And it is true that when we get older we start appreciating what we do (and didn’t do) and value our education. No more missed opportunities.

The task/homework given was to draw something in 3 different perspectives, and later on, to create a 3D version of it.

It could have been a motif or your grandma sleeping in different perspectives, anything at all. I did not have a photogenic grandma (which was a shame because that would have been funny to draw) but instead I concentrated myself in everything that was around me, the simple and ordinary things.

A chair, a sicilian meal, a mask from an exotic trip of one of your relatives hanging on their home walls, a door, a flower in someone else’s garden and at in the end I chose to recreate a corner of a gallery from one of my visits at the house of illustration in London by Laura Carlin.

I loved the results and having never worked with clay in such a serious way before, it was very exciting. I also made a video of a folding chair when the clay was still fresh so I could have the time to play with it before it dried.



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Holiday task

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