The Calligram 1794 (1)

A few videos were shown in this session and “London” by William Blake took the first place in the showing list.
The narrator wanders through London and finds people, and both the streets and the Thames are suffering under political oppression.life_of_william_blake_1880_volume_2_songs_of_experience_-_london
Brand Archetypes was the main the topic of the day. The videos were representing  each a different archetype.
Apple macintosh 1984 with the revolutioner and Together archetype, a Nike video with Lebron “it’s time to bring something special” with the Hero archetype.
Below there is a the list of the 12  primary types that symbolize basic human motivations:
Brief :
For the next project we were asked to design a sequential narrative calligram book based on the poem by William Blake titled ‘London’. Using one of the twelve brand archetypes “to generate ideas for the visual language that will be used within your outcome”. I Immediately chose the caregiver archetype, probably because from the very first time I started reading, I always believed that being a writer is one of the most incredible gifts that we could have in our lives. A writer does not write for himself, it’s the most unselfish figure I ever found, as an artist of course can be defined.
A caregiver’s goal is to help others, his strategy is to do thing for others. A caregiver’s talent is generosity, and being generous, as every artist just like every writer, means taking care of the audience, alert us if something isn’t right and inform us about the truth. For a typography style I will go for any Script Font that gives the idea of a calligraphy style.




The Calligram 1794 (1)

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