MACROtype / microTYPE 1

Letter press session.


I never had any sort of experience with letter pressing before and I am glad I had the opportunity to discover a new exciting and fascinating world.

Letterpress printing takes some time and maybe that is the reason why I’m so fascinated by it. The feeling of enjoying every single process, of checking over and over again. Originally developed to print text from metal type, letterpress has recently been adopted by artists, fine printers, and graphic designers as an elegant way to combine text and imagery on the page. Ideal for printing from wood cuts, linoleum cuts and other relief surfaces.

And that is exactly how we started. We used a metal type and then the wood ones.

Here some pictures from our incredible session.



I needed to try many times before making a print I was satisfied with.

Here some wood prints:


MACROtype / microTYPE 1

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