Drawing (ie)

Phillip Dvorak.jpg

Phillip Dvorak, Jerry Shawback,  Michael Lentz, Leonardo Da Vinci, Burne Hogarth, John Berger, George Grosz, Ralph Steadman, Kim Jung Gi and Dryden Goodwin.

These are the artist that I want to aspire from.


I chose these 10 artists during my research because I of their simple and beautiful art styles, black and white master pieces developed with a pen a paper.

Leonardo Da Vinci.jpg


Phillip Dvorak works is absolutely stunning, line and marks made this piece a unique.


Jerry Shawback works are done with one continuous line.Jerry Shawback.jpg

Michael Lentz differently uses solely quick pen strokes.

Michael Lentz.jpg

Burne Hogarth

Best known for his pioneering work on the Tarzan newspaper comic strip and his series of anatomy books for artists.

Burne Hogarth.jpg

John Berger


George Grosz

George Grosz.jpg

Ralph Steadman

I can’t get enough of the sketch note look and in this case colours works very well. I have some personal drawings that have a similar art style, but without the comic characters.

F&L POLICE CHIEFS Convention-Vegas.jpg

Kim Jung Gi

Famous for his big size sketches based around a mermaid.



Dryden G


Drawing (ie)

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