Critical Design Thinking (ie)

Teal Triggs

She calls herself an avid collector and 4696287I wouldn’t be able to find a better description. This is what I have found as soon as I started researching about her and her works.

“Unfortunately, a great deal of the artwork contained in the Fanzine was included without the permission of the original artists, and in some cases, mis-credited or not credited at all. Teal herself has refused to answer many of the emails sent to her in regards to this matter, and has ignored calls for apologies and/or compensation.”

Now, that is shocking.

I really loved her zines myself, but I can’t really overlook the fact that she chose to deliberately not credit or request permission to the artists featured in them.

Let’s have a  look at this wonderful work by  Bob and Roberta Smith (real name Patrick Brill) which is the perfect response for what I had just discovered.892bf65c2eefb616a3f9fdc6bca3b1d4

All the artists below have been introduced by our
lecturer and where (mostly) unknown to me.
bob-and-roberta-smith-art-is-your-human-right-its-nice-that-heroAs it always is the case, we end up favoring one or two artists and mine  is actually Bob and Roberta Smith, here with another beautiful example.


Sister Corita Kent (1918–1986)

Initially I was very impressed about her being a nun and artist, but as soon as I saw her pop culture posters I fell in love with her art style.

Not only an artist, but a designer, teacher, feminist, civil-rights and anti-war activist ” Looking at her posters vibrating with bright colors and passion for faith and politics, one understands why she became one of the most popular graphic artists of the 1960’s and 70’s.”


Jenny Holzer

She was an eye-opening discovery since she works mostly with projections, which is something that I have never really seen before. “Without light we won’t have colours so you won’t have a black and white”. She managed to distinguish herself as an unique artist with her amazing photographs.



Stefan Sagmeister

“Provocative designs that tweak the status quo and question the designer’s role in society.”

As an example:esquire-nippon-fin_16-10-32_gallery



I knew this artist previously and always admired her work. She is based in London and is  extremely popular for using power as a means of communication.


Scott King

Another Londoner that right now is showing is work at the Saatchi Gallery. Director of i-D magazine, creative director of Sleazenation magazine and also a professor of Visual Communication at University of the Arts in London.



Marion Deuchars

I can’t really express how much I love her works. Using handwriting font makes the difference for me.


Milton Glaser

One of the most celebrated graphic designers in the world, his designs include the I ❤ NYlogo and the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster.



Anthony Burrill

He focuses mostly in typographic, text-based compositions, including the now-famous “Work Hard and Be Nice to People” which has been introduced in our brief by our lecturer during our first Critical design thinking session.”



Sarah Boris

Also an art director and based in London, she has been working for some of Britain’s greatest art institutions since 2003, including the Barbican Centre, the Architecture Foundation and download-2Tate.






Critical Design Thinking (ie)

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