Critical design Thinking -Day 1

Thinking it & saying it

When I first heard this sentence I thought immediately about this other sentence “everyone is thinking it, no one is saying it, so say it!”

Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics and Politics were the six pillars that we have been looking at and we needed to choose one and express our opinion/ideas about it.

I chose Politics, since I wanted to understand how these things affect us, how horrible, hilarious, wrong and inappropriate this field became in front our eyes.
I can’t say that it has always been like that. I believe that once Politics was a beautiful subject. Encouraging and always being supportive, the public opinion was the main focus with civil and government activities, so I wanted to find out more about what exactly in Politics really meant to people nowadays.

We started putting down some words and ideas and eventually, we ended up creating a mind map (which is something that I have found extremely helpful and will definitely keep using)





I spent a lot of time preparing this map and was unsure about my final choice, there is so much to say about it, but that is definitely how I understood the real meaning behind “thinking and saying it”. It’s much easier to just think about a subject in a general sense but when you try to connect the two acts, that is when it starts getting complicated, but in the end I found what I was looking for.

I found my idea. Elaborated my own personal and informed opinion about the so much debated Brexit adding my own touch to it.


Critical design Thinking -Day 1

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