Mark Making (ie).

Karel Martens, Julian House-intro, Ian Wright, Sara Ogilvie, Reggie Pedro, Patrick Heron, Marion Deuchars, Neasden Control Centre, Laura Quick, Joseph Cornell, Liv Bargman, Kurt Schwitters, Peter Blake, Dieter Roth, Chuck Close.

As already mentioned in my previous blog posts, my favorite artist were Karel Martens , Chuck Close and Reggie Pedro.


In this entry, I am going to focus on the remaining artists.


Julian House-intro

His work is largely collage-based, and draws heavily on record sleeve design and comic book art, with an acknowledged pulp influence, popularly associated with a design studio, Intro. He works across all media,  from print to sound and film design. His design approach is based on an amalgamation of technological skill and old school craft. Here some of his works:


Ian Wright

Interesting article on It’s Nice That: Ian Wright: Colourful life

“…he combines a genuine passion for tactile, high-quality materials with a boundless appetite for experimentation. His fascination with re-using and recycling also dovetailed with the paper’s remarkable sustainability.”


Sara Ogilvie

I strongly admire artist like Sara Ogilvie. I absolutely love when artists use paper as their chosen surface, and her drawing style, very specific and instantly recognisable.



Patrick Heron

“Painter, designer, and author who made noteworthy contributions to the development of abstract art. Employs the term “non-figurative” to describe his exploration of vibrant colors and believes that all art could be considered abstract.”I personally like his textiles, where even though the drawings are the same, the colours applied make each completely different from the other.




Stephen Smith (Neasden Control Centre)

An illustrator whose work encompasses a range of hand drawn illustration commissions and projects for international clients.



Laura Quick

She is an illustrator for fashion and lifestyle.  Including people, portraits and celebrities as well as food, maps, buildings and more.



Joseph Cornell

I consider this artist one of my favorites. Always been a fan of him and probably that comes from my hidden passion for doll houses and miniatures.


Liv Bargman

Here we have another amazing example of an illustration that ticks all the boxes when it comes to what what the styles that I love the most. The marks, bright colour, grey tones and graphite are exactly what I aspire to do.



Kurt Schwitters

Dadaism, Constructivism, Surrealism, poetry, sound, painting, sculpture, dasundbildgraphic design, typography, and what came to be known as installation art. He is most famous for his collages, called Merz Pictures.





Peter Blake

Known for his association with the Pop Art movement in Britain. Peter Blake’s early work is dominated by two major subjects: fantastic scenes from the Circus world and naturalistic paintings with autobiographical elements. Circus characters and children reading comic books are among the artist’s typical motifs. In style and content both types of pictures paved the way for English Pop Art.



Dieter Roth

He was a German-Swiss Conceptual artist. Best known for his use of biodegradable foodstuffs, he created large-scale installations and sculptures that included cheese, chocolate, and sugar that lent oppressive smells to his exhibitions.


I personally enjoy researching about new artists (some of them new only to me) in order to keep track of them and keep their works as references and of what I aspire to become as an artist.

Mark Making (ie).

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