Mark Making 2

“If you got the right way of thinking, anything can be your tool”

We opened our session with this stimulating sentence and it was what we focused on today.

We possess all possible, professional, expensive branded tools available in the market but as we know it is not the tool that makes us more or less competent.

Just like last time we asked our fellow colleagues  to “pose” for us and vice versa. I recycled the same charcoal that was previously used in one of my work pieces, using my thumb as a brush, masking tape to focus on the light and creating the shape I desired by removing the same tape.

The possibilities to create something out of nothing were endless.

Usually when we have an idea, the first thing we do is either drawing, sketching, writing, adding notes, but in this session instead of adding something more, we used reduction techniques and collage in order to project our ideas.


Final Collage:


Mark Making 2

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