Mark Making session 1

Today we experimented a new creative way of making art – Mark making.

We’ve been introduced to different kinds of visual languages with great examples of brilliant artists such as:

Karel Martens,Chuck Close and Reggie Pedro.

“Graphic designer Karel Martens is recognized for his experimental Dutch modernist style, which is marked by clean Swiss typography, repetitive geometric shapes, and static forms. Fascinated by optical illusions, Martens produced a series of monoprints by deliberately misusing a letterpress to create experimental, one-of-a-kind images.”

“Chuck Close is an American artist known for his large-scale Photorealist portraits. Close builds his iconic paintings through a signature grid system where each square is individually marked, corresponding with a cell marked in his photographs.”

“Reggie Pedro’s work depicts the interplay between the representation of characters and his unique painting technique. Although inevitably influenced by his London upbringing, the main subject of Pedro’s work is human emotion, civil unrest, love, boredom, isolation, exuberance and spirituality.”

Loved every artist that has been presented to us during our lesson,  specially these 3 artists.


We’ve been asked to make a portrait of the person sitting in front of us (great ice breaker for our newly formed class), and we changed partner/model and created a series of portraits.

Here are some examples of what I played around with:




Mark Making session 1

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